Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging & Events
The Only Lakeside Motel, Cabins & Events Venue in Grand Lake, Colorado

The faster route is to take I-70 west past Idaho Springs and turn north on Colorado Highway 40 (Exit #232). Proceed north through Berthoud Pass, Winter Park and Granby. Just after passing through Granby, take Colorado Highway 34 and continue to Grand Lake.

To find the motel once you are in Grand Lake, just stay on Grand Avenue (the main street), go to the four-way stop at Garfield and take a right and go about one half block. The Western Riviera Motel is on the right side at 419 Garfield Street. Phone (970) 627-3580

Click HERE for an aerial photograph of downtown Grand Lake
showing the location of all Western Riviera properties.

Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging & Events Venue
419 Garfield Street, PO Box 1286
Grand Lake, CO 80447
Phone (970) 627-3580
Website: www.westernriv.com
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